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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time to Buckle Down and Save Some Money!!!!

So I have decided it is high time I started clipping coupons and paying attention to what is on sale where. A girl I know from home in Tuscaloosa is amazing at it and through her I have found some great blogs and coupon sites. One of them is.... . (I tried to put the button on here and it just wasn't working.)

She has a giveaway right now for some coupon inserts. The great thing about this is that not all inserts are the same all over the country. Different areas have different inserts. You get a good variety this way.

I have also printed coupons from I am planning a trip to Publix in Daphne later this week. I will let you know how much I save on this trip. I sure wish we had a Publix here.

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