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Monday, July 21, 2008

I Know It's Been forever since I've blogged...Please forgive me!

Things have been incredibly busy around here lately.....well since the last time I blogged we've been busy and that has been at least 4 or 5 months! So I'm going to give a quick run down of how things have been since March...the high/low points...

* March 21...Lauren broke her leg while doing an aerial and school. Later that day Evan asked her to be his girlfriend...she said it was the best day and worst day ever all rolled into one.

* Spring Break with a teenager with a broken leg is NO FUN for anyone. She was miserable and nothing anyone did could help. All of her friends were at the beach. Finally Anna invited her over! Thank you Anna!!!!

*March: Tuscaloosa for Easter

*Even though there was no dancing to be done Lauren still went 4 days a week. That girl is dedicated!

*April: I went to New Orleans with Phillip's 3rd grade class. We went to the zoo and aquarium. So much fun!

*April: Josey is tripped on the track at school and breaks his arm!!! Yeah you read that right...two kids with broken limbs. No I'm not abusing them, it all happened at school...blame them.

*April: Phillip turns 9. We had a water slide at the house...his brother and sister were not happy that they could not go down it.

* May: Josey and Lauren get their casts off within a week of each other. Lauren got a boot to wear and Josey had a brace. He missed skating and bowling at the end of 5th grade celebrations.

*May: End of year parties for both boys. As always I am room mom...luckily in Josey's class my dear friend Karla was the main room mom. Took a load off of me. This is the last year I will have to be room mom for more than one class. It's kind of sad, it means they are growing up way too fast. Josey starts middle school this fall.

*May: Lauren starts Physical Therapy after the cast comes off. Her recital was on May 27th and she was only allowed to do her Hip Hop dance, acro (one legged cartwheels) and two 8 counts of jazz. She was so sad she could not do the whole jazz or pointe or tap. She did a great job with the dances she did and was so psyched after Hip Hop. She got a trophy for her dedication in showing up and watching and waiting to see what she could do. She knew each dance by heart.
*June continues PT for Lauren and I was seen by Lauren's doctor for my ankle. It was treated as tendonitis. Been bothering me since December when I was first seen.

*June: Josey started playing tennis this summer and LOvES it! He is hooked. He plays two days a week. Phillip is playing flag football and Lauren is doing dance camp 2 days a week and coaching cheerleading at our church (4 and 5 yearl cute). I am taking the core fittness class at the dance studio.

*June: We try to go the pool at least 3 times a week.

*June: VBS at church. Josey's last year and Lauren worked with the first graders.
*June: Craig goes to the doctor for his back and attends one week of physical therapy to help relieve some of the pain. It worked wonders and he is continuing to exercise.

*June-July: We got to Sanibel Island on June 27th and returned home on July 3rd. As always the trip was perfect. Lauren's friend Nicole went with us. We swam, we ate, we shelled, we got some sun and visited with family. We went into Ft. Myers and visited the Edison home and went to the movies. The boys and Craig saw Ironman and the girls and I saw Wall-E.

*July 4th: Lauren's boyfriend and his family came over and we grilled and watched the fireworks at Creekwood Church of Christ. Then we set some off of our own. Fun night.

*July: continues with more activities and pool time. My back and hip were bothering me and had off and on for several months. I thought I had pulled or strained something. I saw Doctor Park III about it and he diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. I'm still figuring out exactly what this syndrome is. It does explain a few things to me though. I guess I'm about to make some lifestyle changes. I go back on the 4th to see the Rheumatoid specialist at the Orthopedic Group. Say a prayer for me if you think about it.

So that is our last few months. I'll add a few pictures to illustrate. I promise I'll try to not be as long in posting next time!

PS...I am now addicted to GREEK food, so pass along any recipes you might have.
UGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I added 20 million thousand pictures from the last few months to this dang thing and somehow I deleted all but what you I'm going to bed and I'll try again in the am!!! Goodnight!