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Friday, August 29, 2008

Kudos to John McCain for picking Governor Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. I think she will bring a lot of enthusiasm, youth and experience to the ticket. She may not have had national experience, but what she has done in her term as Alaska's governor is outstanding. She has cleaned up the politics, sold the state plane that the former governor bought on state credit, put taxes on the oil companies. Google her...see for yourself what a smart choice she was. I think she will help win the vote of the soccer mom, family's with special needs children and the white women who were rooting for Hilary. Kudos John McCain for being for showing us your Maverick side.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just dropping in to say hi and a few small updates!

Well school has started and still 3 weeks later we are working out the kinks of car pooling. Lauren likes to get to school early for her social time, but now I have to take Josey to school at an earlier time too. They start within 5 minutes of each other a couple of miles apart. In order to make everyone happy we need to leave the house at 6:30 so that Lauren can be dropped off early and Josey can get to school on time. If we leave latter than that then Josey has to be dropped off first and Lauren isn't happy! It's insane I tell pool at the middle school is RIDICULOUSLY long this year! They say this is the largest 6th grade class they have ever had. I then have to head home to finish getting Phillip ready and take him by 8:20. Craig and I had discussed the possibility of me working at the schools as a substitute teacher, but we can't figure out how it would work with car pooling. I guess I'll be staying home a few more years. I'm kind of glad and little sad all at the same time. I LOVE being available for the kids when they need me and working in the classroom and going on field trips and being the one to pick them up and see how their day was. At the same time I would love to take some of the stress off of Craig and contribute financially to the household. I wish I could do both....any ideas!

So have you heard about GUSTAV? Yep looks like another big one is headed this way. I'm anxious to see which way he decides to go. I think anyway about it we'll at least get wind and rain and possibly that yucky east side of the storm. A few tracks have it coming straight up Mobile Bay.......not a good scenario for us. Craig is outside right now getting the yard ready and we have 30 gallons of gas in storage, 2 extra chain saw blades and all the lawn mowers, chain saws and such ready. I need to go and buy some more easy to prepare most of it yesterday...and some more bottled water and drinks. We are more prepared this go round as we now have a generator and 2 window units. (note to self ....need more flashlights and batteries.). We'll be heading to Tuscaloosa if things look really bad. Craig may have to stay and work. Is everyone else prepared?

On a little more fun note....I just joined a very awesomely cool, bad to the bone new scrapbook website... It looks like such a fun web site and the message board is great too. Something new to check out if you haven't been there. Sign ups are currently going for a competition of sorts. It is the Bad Girls Design Academy and is a 6 week school with classes and homework and HuGELY AWESEOME prize package at the end. I signed up and can't wait to get started next week. Hopefully Gustav will not be bad and will behave like a good little boy should and not interfere with my plans for the next week or two.....I don't want another Katrina....that was insane!
Well tootles for to browse Bad Girls and then off to car pool and the bank. Let me know how ya'll are doing.