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Sunday, April 25, 2010

YEAH! This baby is on it's way to me!

The night of Lauren's junior prom I picked up camera to take pictures and horror of horrors t shutter release button was gone. Disappeared. Never to be seen again. Luckily I had Josey's little Canon A470 with me and used it. It was a little disappointing though. I love my camera. That Sony DSC H2 has been an amazing little camera. I love the built in optical zoom that was equivalent to a 435mm zoom when racked out. I loved the options and the image quality was good. My heart did still long for a DSLR but I do not for see that anytime soon. While researching which camera to buy I ran across this amazing bridge camera. The Fujifilm Finepix HS10 just came out last month or early this month and the internet is abuzz with good reviews and people posting pictures on flckr and everywhere. This baby does everything and more!!!! It has a 30x optical zoom; that is equivalent to having a 26mm-720mm zoom lens built right in. It accepts add on lenses too and filters for added fun. It is 10.3 MP and shoots Full HD video at 1080p..Craig was impressed by that. Check out this link...

It should arrive here on Wednesday of this week and I do believe that Thursday will be used for a little photo tour of Mobile. Nothing will escape the zoom on my lens. I have already warned the kids at church to be on the look out for Wed. night as I will be taking their picture!! Watch out you may be next!

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