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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween at the Wales

Just a few picutres from our Halloween. We kept the night pretty simple as Craig was recovering from knee surgery. The kids each carved a pumpkin and this year was the first year that no one needed any help from us. It's kind of sad. It seems everyday there is less and less that they need us for. I miss them asking for help and wanting us to do it with them. It's bittersweet. They are growing up way too fast for me. I find it hard to believe that next year will be Lauren's last year of high school, Josey's last year of middle school and Phillip's first year of middle school. This year is the last year that I will have Christmas parties and halloween snacks. This is the last year that someone will want me to come and eat lunch with them. This is the last year I will attend a fall festival with my kids. I'm going to miss these things. I love doing it with them and for them. I hope they know how much this time together has meant to me.
Anyway....back to our halloween night. Nolan, Lauren's boyfriend of about 8 months came over and helped Lauren carve her pumpkin. He and the boys gave Lauren's pumpkin a paper towel tube cigar and lit it. Lauren was none too happy about this. (She is very againist smoking of any kind. She knows it is what killed my Daddy.) After pumpkins we went trick or treating and then to Mr. Bill's Halloween party and bonfire. I think everyone had a great time. Josey brought two friends with him and Phillip's best friend Colby was there too. It was a good night.
Now it's late and my pillow is calling my name. Night all!

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